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XI International conference
"Multimodal transportations of dangerous goods"
is timed to the 10th anniversary of IDGCA


Main subject of the conference:
Current standards for safety ensuring on transport

Main questions to be discussed on the conference:

  • International cooperation in implementation of counter-terrorism measures on transport;
  • Current standards for safe multimodal transport of dangerous goods and containers;
  • Ensuring ecological safety during transport of dangerous goods and special-purpose containers;
  • Current international and national regulatory framework in the field of integrated safety on transport;
  • Organization of cooperation of federal authorities, security agencies and transport companies during transport of dangerous goods and containers;
  • Safety of supply chain current standards and regulations;
  • Particularities of mixed (multimodal) transport of dangerous goods and containers;
  • Fundamental changes in International Convention for Safe Containers (CSC-72) and its harmonized interpretations;
  • Requirements to transport, storage and handling of dangerous goods in sea ports;
  • State functions of Rostekhnadzor (Russian Federal Service for Ecological, Technical and Atomic Supervision) on supervision of dangerous goods transport and issuance of permits for use of tank containers and other transport equipment;
  • Declaring of dangerous goods during overseas transport;
  • Problems of harmonization of national legislations in the field of dangerous goods and containers transport with international conventions, agreements, norms and standards;
  • State functions of Rostransnadzor (Federal Transportation Inspection Service) in the field of control over implementation of international conventions and agreements.