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International Dangerous Goods and Containers Association" Non-commercial Partnership (hereinafter referred to as IDGCA) was established on August 16, 2001. First Deputy Transport Minister, V.V. Ruksha, was elected as the first president of IDGCA.

IDGCA was established by a number of organizations interested in creation of ongoing structure providing communication between Administrations, international organizations and business. Foremost, the activity of IDGCA  is directed on increasing of efficiency and safety during door-to-door transportation of dangerous goods. Therewith IDGCA  builds its policy on the base of knowledge and exhaustive implementation of international regulations, standards, rules and recommendations, which allow business to apply world experience and practice in the field of intermodal transports of dangerous goods and containers.

In 2004 UN Subcommittee of Experts on the Transportation of Dangerous Goods gave IDGCA a consultative status (see page 21, point 125). IDGCA  is the only non-governmental organization in the Eastern Europe, which received such status. Since that time, the experts of the Association present at all the sessions of UN Subcommittee of Experts and take part in development of international legal base. This enriches us with knowledge in this area.

The representatives of IDGCA  take part in the work of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), in the work of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and this in its turn provides us with enough information space and ability to render information assistance to our partners.

One of the most important goals of the Association is training of expert specialists, whose experience is based on knowledge of international Conventions and rules. In 2003 IDGCA  established the International Staff Training Centre (ISTC), where training of specialists with applying unique training programs is being executed. Knowledge and experience of "IDGCA"  are being constantly maintained by means of carrying out practical works on evaluation of compliance of goods, containers and vehicles with requirements of safety. For this purpose, in 2002 "Russian Register", JSC, Independent Survey Company with 100% Association capital was established.

Today IDGCA does not render charged services and executes its activity only for account of membership dues and means coming from subsidiary companies. The official press organ of IDGCA  is bilingual journal "Dangerous Goods and Containers", which is being published science the day of foundation of the Association and regularly informs on changes, which are being introduced in international normative legal documents.

IDGCA applies up-to-date standards of management in its activity. In 2004 "IDGCA" registered the system of voluntary complex certification of safety and quality check systems. Within the framework of this system we offer our partners to develop essential conditions for safety and quality managing their businesses. The supreme authority of "IDGCA"  is the group of members of the Association, which elects the president and Director General. The permanent personnel consists of Director General, Deputy Director General and Secretary.

Management of IDGCA:

President of IDGCA: Moshkov Gennadij
Director General of IDGCA:Ognev Mihail
Deputies Director General of IDGCA:Tsikhiseli Vladimir, Majorov Igor

IDGCAThe emblem of IDGCA registered by the order of the Ministry of justice of Russian Federation from 01.04.2014 № 565-R. Account № 133-14.

Purposes and tasks of the Association:

Benefits from IDGCA membership:

Cooperation with International Organizations:Cooperation 'IDGCA' NP with International Organizations:

Full members of the Association with a casting vote:

Chrysotile Association
Transport Industrial Service, Ltd.
United Chemical Company URALCHEM, JSC
National Bureau of Expertise Co., Ltd.
New Technologies in Transportation»
Commercial Sea Port of Ust-Luga, JS

Associate members with a consultative vote:

LUKoil Arctic Tanker (assignee is LUKoil-Kaliningradmorneft, Ltd.)
Klaipeda Stevedoring Company (KLASCO)
Firestar Trading Co. (L.L.C.)
SCS Shipping Consulting and Service GmbH
Zavod Tarnykh Izdeliy, JSC
Sandvic Mining and Construction Finland Corp.
Group of companies «Kominsur»

Associated companies:

International Staff Training Centre(ISTC)